Snatch the Rainbow

‘The Mysteries of Horizon’, Rene Magritte (1955)

This blog will be updated daily with ideas for stories, sometimes the stories will be written out properly and illustrated; hopefully you will enjoy this site. 

The story idea for today is called ‘Catch the Rainbow’, but you don’t really have to call it that. In some unspecified time, scientists discover the technology to allow certain people to invade others’ dreams and influence their minds in some way. Then an advertising company immediately swoops in and buys the technology, utterly crushing the chance of using this technology for something slightly ethical (like education). Basically, the advertising company sends people into the publics dreams in order to advertise in some form of subliminal messaging, and soon, this form of advertising is proven to be super successful (subliminal messaging advertising isn’t proven to be successful in real life, but hey).

That’s the main idea. Underneath is a more personal and specific direction for the story, so if you’re only for the idea, you don’t have to keep reading. There are several directions you could go here story-wise, you could make the story follow a man whose job is dream invasion advertisement, you could make the story a competition between growing advertising companies, you could make the story focus on the insane ethical issues that come with dream advertising, you could make the characters gain crazy super powers in the dream world. Your own choice really.


The main character of this story is/could be a young man who accidentally receives an email vaguely outlining the process of the technology (you know, from a mistyped email on a cc list, something like that). Most people would feel slightly awkward or intimidated from receiving an email that seems to contain stuff you really shouldn’t be reading, but our MC here deduces the full process of the technology and decides to start an initially super illegal ‘dream invasion advertising company'(yes, one of the clumsiest names ever pulled out of my ass). No sane person would think this way, but it has to be established that MC here is ridiculously selfish.

To be slightly frank, MC can be someone who looks and acts like gentleman, but his overall actions make him a full on asshole. His dream in life is hardly flashy: he wants to live a peaceful life in the countryside by himself, where he has so much money he doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Everything he does is for the sake of his slightly selfish dream. If he’s mean to you, it’s because he believes in the long run it will help him attain his dream. If he’s nice to you, it is for the exact same reason. Thus, since he is completely insane and dead set on accomplishing his dream, his deranged logic tells him that he can set up the business (he believes since dream advertising is so new and unknown his business will work), make it grow, and then sell it for enough money to achieve his dream (basically, a lot of money). He names his small business ‘Catch the Rainbow’

Note: the dream technology in this version of the story works by converting humans into mental images and making them ‘slide’ into a person’s sleeping mind. Only people who have an intense will, or are almost impossibly strong mentally can survive the process. If one’s mental strength is not sufficient and they are subject to the technology they’d eventually fade out and disappear before returning to a physical state.

The story follows our crazy MC, his recruitment of people with crazy good mental strength, his adventures in people’s dream worlds, him avoiding and trying to out compete other dream companies, all for the sake of achieving his dream. Other large businesses try to track him down or kill him in people’s dreams (they’re supposedly more vulnerable inside dreams). Also, on a side note, every single person’s mind/dream world that dream invasion advertisers visit are different and completely unique to each person.

Thank you so much for reading, hopefully you enjoyed this silly idea. I will update with at least one idiotic story idea a day, and I really hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoy thinking of them.


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