Play the Game

”Dogs Playing Poker”, C.M.Coolidge, (1903)

There is a place other than Earth. The people of this place observe how utterly obsessed the members of Earth are with achieving a ‘successful life’, or ‘winning at life’. Due to mild curiosity, the people of this other place send a number of candidates (let’s say 14) to Earth to Play the Game (of life), and the winner, who ‘wins at life’, will receive a much sought after prize.

But the candidates do not know how to actually ‘win at life’, there are no absolute, clear guidelines in gaining a life others may deem ‘excellent’, or ‘successful’. So each individual player of the game must figure out what exactly ‘to win at life’ is. 

What do you think a successful life is? Fame? Wealth? Happiness? The players of the game are not even true citizens of Earth so they must clumsily feel their ways around the ways of Earth and life, trying to deduce how exactly to win the game. 


The MC today is a player of the game who somehow lost his memories as he was being transferred to Earth. As he is unaware of the fact he is actually participating in an intense, experimental competition, he is an individual that sort of just goes to where life takes him. 

As a student, he reluctantly lives in a shared house with several other roommates who at best tolerate each other’s presence. Enter the deuteragonist, a player of the game who is no doubt aware of her position in the game and also somehow luckily got hold of a list detailing the other contestants. Her logic? If I track down and kill all the other contestants then naturally only I remain and thus I obviously win the game. Who can fool that flawless logic? 

(This may sound utterly nonsensical) Long story short, she hides in his fridge but (thankfully) fails to murder him. Like any sane individual, she then resorts to being his friend while trying and failing numerous times to kill him. The story follows the two on their adventures as contestants of the game, one being fully aware and one being utterly oblivious to such a thing. In the end who exactly wins at life? Who knows really? 



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