Life is a Bet
(Quite a small story idea today.) Some things are absolute, the sun will absolutely rise in the west every morning, everything will absolutely end some day, and your bus will absolutely never be on time. No one questions these things, they are all natural, absolute occurrences. An additional absolute thing that the characters discover within today’s story idea is that no matter what, no matter how long it takes, if you lose in a bet, something will eventually always force you to pay what you owe. 

So what? You say. Well the characters of today’s story idea discover that the force of a bet is so strong, if they always win, they will always eventually be paid somehow. The force of a bet is absolute. 

Let’s say you bet with your friend on whether it will rain tomorrow. A relatively mundane bet but it’s the thrill of uncertainty that makes you do it. You bet $10 that it will rain, your friend bets $10 that it will not. Unfortunately, the next day the Weather utterly despises you and decides to not send over some merciful rain clouds. Your friend laughs at your dismal luck and asks you to pay up. You’re a sore loser and refuse, saying you weren’t being serious. Your friend is unamused but relents, after all it’s only $10. 

Skipping to ten years later, you are both thankfully still alive but have gone your seperate ways. You lose $10 on the streets and that note makes its way half way across the country before being picked up by your friend, surprised at his luck. Unknown to him, it is not his luck that drives this $10 note to him, but the force of the bet. Even if it took 10 years in this case, the bet contract will always be fulfilled. 
This may seem slightly uninteresting, until the characters start to bet the most ridiculous things as the stakes grow, such as the lives of their family and friends, their memories, even their souls etc. Because they discover that these things will eventually be paid. The force of the bet will make sure of that. The story then follows the characters who bet for a living, in the most ridiculous situations, with the most ridiculous stakes. 



A time and place without mobile phones.

The MC of today is a girl waiting at the bustop. Let’s call her Sandra. The stranger sitting besides her starts making small talk, but Sandra is reluctant to continue the conversation. The stranger then points out in the bus timetable that both the 100 and 32 are meant to arrive at 7:47, but it is impossible for them to arrive and stop at the same lane at the same time. The stranger suggests that they pass time by betting on which bus will arrive first. Sandra does not really feel like doing so before the stranger holds up Sandra’s freshly pick pocketed wallet, saying he will bet her wallet. 

Sandra tries yelling out to passing cars and snatching her wallet back but is unsuccessful. She resorts to agreeing to the bet, but lets the stranger know that she has nothing worth betting. The stranger laughs and tells her he is blind in the left eye from a baseball accident a while ago, and he would really appreciate it if she bets her left eye. Sandra is incredibly creeped out by the stranger, but decides to go along with him and the bet until her bus arrives and she can ask for help. 

Sandra takes the 100 bus and she knows it is always late, thus she bets on the 32. The stranger bets on the 100. 

They wait.

If it was a normal day and the 100 arrives on time, Sandra would be pleasantly surprised; but, on this day, the on time arrival of the 100 before the 32 utterly crushes her. However, the stranger simply laughs and throws her her wallet, saying he didn’t really care about the wallet, and walks away.

The next day, Sandra loses her left eye in an accident. She is completely and utterly unnerved (and in pain), was it just a coincidence or? She decides to test out the force of the bet with several other ridiculous bets with ridiculous stakes and discovers the tremendous power a bet contract can bring. She slowly begins to rely more and more on the force of the bet and eventually her entire life is filled with the small thrills of many bets and she meets many other betters who live and fight their way through life in a similar fashion to her. 

She finds that betting eventually starts to take the thrill out of the rest of her life and that relying on the force of the bet s devouring her life of purpose. She eventually decides to quit her betting lifestyle, but not before deciding to try tracking down the stranger who started it all, winning the bet she never won, and getting back her left eye. 


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