Why Must We Cry

Jack Vettriano, ‘The Singing Butler’, 1992

The story idea for today will not be expanded with optional characters and plot points; it is a small idea

The citizens of a city observe that every time something sad or disastrous happens to them that causes them to cry, they feel as if they can see a little girl holding an umbrella from the corner of their eye. Sometimes, they can see her hazy silhouette from a distance. But it remains an urban myth and a mystery. 

A boy goes out into the countryside by himself and accidentally breaks his leg, causing him to cry. However, this time he sees the little girl with the umbrella watching from the distance. He is determined to find out exactly who or what she is and attempts to chase her down even with his broken leg. 

After a long time, he catches the girl with the umbrella and discovers that she is the spirit of the rain. She reveals that the rain is in fact from the tears of the people. It is imperative for her to bring about misfortune to people so she can use their tears for rain. 

To be honest, what a terrible job. 


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