Where are You Going?

Andrew Wyeth, ‘Christina’s World’, 1948

One day a boy tries to skip school. But every time he tries to walk away he always ends up walking back to school. He gets extremely frustrated as he is sure the direction he is going is away from school. But the more he walks and somehow returns to school, the more nervous he becomes about every step he takes. In the end, he becomes so anxious he gets rooted to the spot, so unsure of which direction is right.  

A passing stranger spots him rooted to the spot, sweating profusely, and asks him what’s wrong. The boy tells the stranger of his dilemma and the stranger offers to lead the way. The boy tells the stranger his adress and after following the help of the stranger, he finally arrives home. 

However, the boy is still stuck, he tries to go to the toilet but he is so unsure of which direction it is in; he tries guessing the direction but ends up in random places like his kitchen or laundry room. He eventually finds a phone book and discovers a service called ‘Lost People’s Directory’. He phones them up and a lady from the service later arrives at his house. 

She explains that he has probably had his sense of direction stolen. The ‘Lost People’s Directory’ is a service that earns money from helping lost people, but some people have left the company and try to earn money by stealing people’s sense of direction, then pretending to show up and help the lost person in exchange for money for their services. These people then return the sense of direction to the original owner once they have gotten to where they need to be. 

However, it is probable that the person who stole the boy’s sense of direction either forgot to give it back or kept it for ‘other purposes’ (who knows what the other purposes are). The lady then calls up a man and explains to the boy that the man will be the boy’s substitute ‘sense of direction’, meaning that he will basically help lead the boy around to places. 

The substitute sense of direction’s other job is to track down the stranger who stole the boy’s sense of direction. Until they find his sense of direction again, the substitute sense of direction and the boy must stay together in order for the boy to find his way to basically anywhere. 

The problem is, the boy and the substitute sense of direction don’t get along at all; to be frank, their personalities clash. But the boy is heavily reliant on the substitute sense of direction as he is the boy’s only way to get anywhere. It is up to the boy and his substitute sense of direction to work together in order to find his original sense of direction so they can get off each other’s backs. Will it work out?


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