The Pursuit of My Shadow

Pascal Fesler, ‘A Day in the Life’

Due to the increasing amount of cold case crimes occurring in the entire world, the world’s leading detective decides to start an academy that can hopefully train talented individuals in the art of tracking down and stopping crime. 

A student of the academy discovers that his best friend is someone whose dream is to become the world’s ‘best criminal’. He only entered the academy so he could learn the exact ways of the world’s soon to be leading detectives. The best friend pinpoints one of the biggest and most devastating weakness of the academy:

Sure, there are gifted individuals, the very cream of the crop, learning only the very best methods from the best detectives. But since they are at the same academy, they learn the same methods, they learn to act the same, they learn to think, alike. This is this academy’s weakness. 

The two students then graduate and part ways. It is up to the main character to track his now turned criminal best friend down. But since the best friend knows how exactly the main character does his job, how exactly the main character applies his thought process to his detective duties, can he really catch the world’s now most elusive criminal?


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