One, Two, Skip a Few

Salvador Dali, ‘Persistence of Memory’, 1932

A boy is walking home from school when he passes a man on the street. As they pass, the boy thinks to himself, huh, he looks like what my friend would look like in ten years. He continues walking home. 

As he arrives home he notices the weeping willow in his front yard looks a little bigger than before. As he walks into the house and sees his parents he gets one of the biggest shocks of his life, his parents have aged, there are more wrinkles and they don’t move as energetically as before. It almost looks like they have aged 10 years. 

As the boy runs to his best friend’s house and knocks on the door, he realises that the man who opens the door looks just like an older version of his best friend. He tries to explain his situation to his now aged friend but his friend hardly recognises him. 

After a while the boy realises that the world and time has skipped forward ten years and has accidentally left him behind. 


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