Shadow of the Future

Giorgio de Chirico, ‘Mystery and Melancholy of a Street’, 1914

A girl catches her shadow looking at her with open, unblinking eyes. 


Apparently the path one leads until their death is carved by their every decision. Every single, minute decision has a part to play in one’s death. For example, let’s imagine an unfortunate overweight woman passes away from a cardiac arrest. Her direct cause of death would be recorded as ‘cardiac arrest’; however, in actuality, her death may have been brought about by her every little decision since childhood that would have caused her to gain an unhealthy lifestyle and in turn lead to her untimely death. 

This may seem sudden but, let’s suppose when one passes away they do not immediately ‘move on’, but their counterpart in the next universe is born and they become the shadow of their counterpart in the next universe. Your shadow may be the already deceased you from the previous universe. Until only when you yourself pass away is when your shadow allowed to move on. 

How does this relate? Well, when one passes away and becomes the shadow of their counterpart in the next universe, their sole purpose is to prolong the life span of their counterpart. Then when this counterpart passes away and becomes a shadow, their purpose is to prolong their counterpart’s life span and so on. 

This is done so by the shadow’s ability to actively control of influence ONE decision made by their counterpart. Their duty is to pinpoint what decision exactly lead to their own untimely death and assist their counterpart in avoiding this by changing this decision. The decision that leads to ones death is nearly always extremely early on, an altered decision near the time of death hardly influences ones lifespan. 

This all ties up as the girl mentioned at the start discovers that her shadow sometimes seems to be looking at her with its own eyes. When one discovers the purpose of their shadow they gain the ability to directly communicate with it and this heavily influences their life path. An additional ability one gains when discovering the purpose of their shadow is the capability to control only one decision in other people’s lives. This can only be done by stepping on their shadows and influencing the decision. 

How will this girl utilise her new found ability?


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