Reverse the Tattoo

The Rolling Stones, Tattoo You, 1981

A boy takes a shortcut through his local park and stumbles upon a dying man lying behind some bushes. He tries to help the man, but upon contact he feels a searing pain on the back of his left hand. He recoils and to his horror he sees a tattoo of the number ‘3’ appearing on the area of pain. He looks back at the man and sees that he has already unfortunately passed away. 

Through some trial and error the boy discovers that the tattoo in some way allows him to create save points. Let’s say he is about to take a test, and he makes a save point before the test. After he does the test he realises he has made many mistakes in the tests. He can then go back to his created save point and retake the test. 

However upon creating a save point the number ‘3’ has changed to the number ‘2’, so he discerns that he can only make two more save points and that he must utilise them wisely. He discovers that other people also have these type of tattoos with deferring abilities and if he defeats them he can steal their ‘numbers’, and increase the number of save points he can create. 


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