H. A, ‘White Album’, 1997

(This is a slightly crazy story but please bear with me)

In a world of a different place and a different time, there are no paths or space in front of buildings, there are only roads full of many many cars. If one was to open their front door and step out they would be immediately ran over by a car. 

However, there is also a huge gap between the poor and the moderately to very rich. The rich own cars and thus they can travel to wherever a road reaches; but the poor do not and many stay in the same building their whole life as they are unable to travel anywhere (therefore limiting education and many opportunities.)

But one day a young man of the poor wakes up and to his confusion he sees that the soles of his feet are glowing. When he stands up he finds out that the ‘glow’ allows him to hover 1mm above the ground. Upon attempting to walk around, he discovers that because the glow completely eradicates the friction between the soles of the feet and the ground, he can somehow ‘skate’ around with this ‘glow’ at very high speeds, (with around the speed of a car.)

He then uses this opportunity to skate among the cars to get to places and find opportunities that will get him a better future. A few others in the poor area also develop the ‘glow’ and soon there is a band of these people skating on the roads among the cars. However they soon discover that doing so is very difficult and many pass away from car accidents. 

Eventually after five years, after many have gotten a better future from the glow, they discover that the ‘glow’ is in fact a terminal disease that corrupts the immune system, and what seemed to get these people a better future ultimately killed them in the end. 


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