Why Wait?

Steve Hanks, ‘Waiting’

Why wait when you can have something now? 

A girl goes on a trip to the countryside with her family; due to her bladder problems she begins to rush around in order to find a public toilet. Just as she feels she can hold on no longer, a sole cubicle appears right in front of her. After she does her business, steps out of the cubicle and turns around, she sees that the cubicle holding the toilet has inexplicably disappeared. 

She realises after a while that every time she is close to a bathroom disaster she can always find a sole cubicle in front of her. Once, she is waiting for her hair to dry (it usually takes around two hours in the winter) so she goes out for a walk. As she walks she realises she desperately needs to go to the bathroom, but there is none nearby. However, like usual, the cubicle appears in front of her and she is saved. 

However, as she steps out she realises her hair is suddenly dry, and with some experimentation she discovers that stepping into cubicle can make things she is waiting for happen now. She was waiting for her hair to dry, but stepping into the cubicle cut out the waiting time. She might be waiting for some cookies to finish baking in the oven, but all she needs to do is step in and out the cubicle and the cookies will have already been cooked, cutting out the wait. 


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