Image Hopping

Rene Magritte, ‘Not to be Reproduced’, 1937

There are some families in the world that have the ability to ‘jump’ images or ‘hop’ images. ‘Jumping’ images allows the person to bring the contents of an image (mostly photos, drawings or paintings are unreliable) out into the real world. If one ‘jumps’ a photo of a tiger, they can bring a tiger into the real world. 

‘Hopping’ images allows one to ‘hop’ into an image. They can actively run around and influence the terrain of an image. 

Originally, the family that ‘hopping’ and the family that uses ‘jumping’ are arch enemies, but when the contents of images begin to spill out and harm the world they must find a way to work together. 

Additionally, there is one rule that both families must follow: never ‘jump’ or ‘hop’ a mirror’


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