No Stopping

John Tenniel, Alice in Wonderland Illustrations, 1865
A boy notices that at some point in his life, everything around him freezes and he is transported back to another specific time in his life. He experiences this loop over and over again. 

He discovers that every time he says or does something different, other people will react differently, and since he knows that he will be transported back and back again, he begins to experiment with his actions as he knows that everything he does is meaningless. 

Eventually he discovers that he is a character within a book. He is only able to experience the part where the story is written, over and over again, but he does have the ability to alter his decisions to contradict what the author wanted him to do and heavily influence the storyline every time. 

Also, this is slightly unrelated but I just discovered a trailer for an amazing looking movie called ‘Loving Vincent’. It’s an animated movie about Vincent Van Gogh with beautiful oil paintings animated at a rate of twelve frames per second. If you love paintings, Van Gogh, or animation you should definitely check it out here:


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