The Revolving Door

The main bank of a city had a grand set of revolving doors. Many people feel that, if they are exiting and someone is entering (or vice versa) at the same time, at the very midpoint of entering/exiting they are able to see through the other person’s eyes for a split second. 

In actual fact the revolving doors malfunctions a little when a person entering and a person exiting meet at the midpoint, and accidentally swaps their lives around for a little. The split second of seeing through the opposite person’s eyes is the tiny flicker of the revolving door’s malfunction. 

Some people take notice of this and actively take advantage of the malfunction. If one consciously utilises the revolving door’s misstep they can assume the opposite person’s life for a maximum of 24 hours. The disadvantage is the opposite person is forced to assume the conscious swapper’s life as well. 

Maybe a pickpocket actively uses the malfunction to assume a rich person’s life and uses this to get some money. 


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