Window to the Other Side

Salvador Dali, ‘Figure at a Window’, 1925
An internationally renowned magician passes away, and at the request of his will, every single part of his property is to be auctioned off. His vases, doors, ceiling tiles, everything, is to be put in a humongous auction the likes the world has never seen before. 

A poor boy attends and watches the auction from the side. His mother is a huge fan of the magician; one thing leads to another and he ends up stealing one of the deceased magician’s windows. 

As he panicked, he drops the window on the floor and realises he can, looking through the window, see all the way through the ground up to the other side of the world. He opens the window, squeezes through and immediately hops out at the other side of the world. 

The window lets the boy see and crawl through anything. But he has to carry it around with him all the time. 

The people who possess the other pieces of the magician’s house soon discover deferring magical powers from their bought pieces, and many are consumed by their desire to find the other pieces. 


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