What We Dug Up

Dwight Baird, ‘Hope for the Future’

At a ‘class of ’87’ grade six school reunion the class dig up a time capsule they buried many many years ago. To their horror, amongst the many nostalgic paraphernalia they find inside the capsule, they uncover a messy handwritten journal detailing horrific crimes that have been happening recently in this present day. 

The class and teacher eventually recall the fact that the journal was a class assignment based on the class’ favourite detective stories, where each student wrote in their own made up detective story into the journal. Since it was sealed inside the time capsule so many years ago, the one who has been committing the exact same crimes in this present day must have been in the grade six class of ’87. But which student is it?

The one thing slowing them down is the weakness of human memory. As they all try to remember what each student was like back then, everyone’s memory of events and each other don’t match. 

The now grown up students must co-operate together in order to uncover who exactly the criminal is and stop him/her from reenacting the remaining detective stories in the journal. 


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