Death Before Birth

Ajax Brainard, The Anguish of Eternal Loneliness

A girl is walking somewhere when suddenly her left arm drops off. The funny thing is, it just drops clean off, the bleeding is minimal, and she doesn’t feel much pain at all. Confused, she picks her arm up and goes to a doctor. 

She finds out that her body is technically dead. It is from an accident she had a week ago, but at the time she just got up and kept walking. 

She is in this state because her circumstances growing up never allowed her to love anyone. Love in a familial manner or any kind of love has never been felt by her. Her soul is bound to her dead body because ones soul must love another before being able to move on. 

She is informed that she has half a year to truly love someone before her body decomposes and her soul is stuck with a crumbling body on Earth forever. Many silly stories ensue as she desperately tries to love anyone before her time limit. 


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