Spare Me

Brett Helquist, Series of Unfortunate Events

A famous author attends a meeting with her editor and tells him of her plan to kill off her main character and end her ongoing series. The editor is furious and demands for her not to do so, but she is adamant. 

Later on, as she is browsing books, she notices that the books on the shelf are arranged in a way that the titles spell out ‘do not kill him off’. The author gets irritated as she realises that every where she goes, the books are arranged in a fashion that ask her to spare the main character. She believes that her editor is being petty and trying to unnerve her by rearranging all the books. 

In the end she discovers that it is in fact the main character of her story who is rearranging the words of books from the world of stories in order to save his own life. 


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