Peel Away


A little bizarre today. 
A young man applies a bandaid for a small cut, but no matter what, it persists in constantly peeling off. He replaces the bandaid but even the new one continues to peel off. Later on, his tattoos, and then even his skin begin peeling off in rectangular slices. 

He begins to hear a voice in his head and discovers that he is being possessed by a version of him from an alternate dimension. This alternate is a particularly wicked version of him who originates from a highly advanced dimension. He had committed a terrible amount of crimes and was condemned to be a mere lost mind that floats across dimensions. 

However, by pure chance, while floating across dimensions, he had happened upon the body of the MC and latched on. After possessing the body he planned to peel away our MC’s body while slowly replacing it with his own. However, the MC will do anything within his power to stop this. 


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