You are What You Experience

Thierry Mugler, Haute Couture | Spring 1997

A very silly idea today. 

A boy is fooling about in his parents’ attic when he finds his autobiography, with a picture of his adult self on the cover and flawless details concerning his life so far; but he is too afraid to read past the present. 

Follow the boy as he begins to question his identity as a whole and slowly piece his mystery together. He eventually discovers that he was named after a famous genius medical doctor who was extremely close to finding a cure for a so-called incurable disease. However, just as he feels that the doctor is getting near the answer he unfortunately passes away. His mind worked in a way so different to others that even other genius medical doctors found his notes and research unintelligible. 

One extremely rich and time heavy man decides to try to assist in solving the dilemma and testing out his theory. His theory is that ‘perhaps people, their thoughts and their personalities are almost entirely a product of their environment. The reason many pieces of media and art are becoming more and more alike and unoriginal in this modern day is because people now eat at the same chain stores, read the same pieces of news, hear the same pieces of opinion and see the same environment around them. A lot of their thoughts aren’t unique to them’

This rich and fanatical man uses his logic to theorise that perhaps he can create people that think exactly the same way that this genius medical doctor does by making them experience almost the exact same things mr medical doctor did growing up. He spends quite a while reading the mr medical doctor’s diaries and interviewing anyone with a connection to him. He then spends quite a lot of money building copies of the town and environment the medical doctor grew up in and hired many actors and actresses quite similar to the people mr medical doctor knew growing up. 

Doing quite the brash action of adopting several boys and giving them the same name as me medical doctor and placing them in their separate fabricated hometowns, he then lies and waits for any results to display. Does his theory work? Does our main character actually have the genius created by his bogus environment and find a cure? Or does he become so similar to the man he is made to copy that he still passes away at the same time?


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