Happy Holidays

Story Idea #51

It has been said that holidays nowadays have been drifting further and further away from their more traditional roots and into a more commercialised terrain.

Perhaps in another universe, holidays were created by their respective holiday spirits (e.g. Father Christmas of Christmas, the Easter Bunny of Easter) as a money-making ploy. Every single holiday spirit competes vehemently against each other in order to become the most popular and commercially successful holiday in order to climb an extremely hierarchal company. Some spirits gain money through sales (like Father Christmas), while others are directly related to transactions (the Tooth Fairy). Their success is also measured by how many people believe in the magic of their holiday and the existence of the actual holiday spirit.

Follow our main character, the spirit for a long forgotten holiday, as he wakes from a deep coma and sees how much he has slipped in ranks. This spirit was representative of one of the most dominant and popular holidays prior to his coma, but now to his horror he sees Father Christmas, The Easter Bunny, The Valentine Cupid, and strangely enough the Tooth Fairy, all previously insignificant holiday spirits, now experiencing an explosion in popularity and new found authority. Our main character must now market and strategize himself back up to the top, but will the public believe such a, now long forgotton holiday?

(IMG: Tissot James, ‘Holyday’, 1876)


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