Let Me out of This Story

Story Idea #52   The protagonist is trying to escape from the story you’re reading. Frustrated by his fate within his own story, the protagonist figures out the existence of the third dimension and the reader. Journey with him┬áhim as he desperately attempts to reach out of his story, before finally realising that the only […]

Happy Holidays

Story Idea #51 It has been said that holidays nowadays have been drifting further and further away from their more traditional roots and into a more commercialised terrain. Perhaps in another universe, holidays were created by their respective holiday spirits (e.g. Father Christmas of Christmas, the Easter Bunny of Easter) as a money-making ploy. Every […]

Stark Contrast

  Not so much of a story idea today, but more of a thought.  In children’s fantasy stories (movies mostly) it is rather easy to differentiate who is good and who is bad (excluding the traitors who are meant to fool you out) solely from each character’s demeanour and colour scheme. Generally, a lot of […]

No Man May Sleep at the Crossroads

  One day a man sells his soul to a demonic spirit in exchange for his daughter gaining a life without burdens. However, after six years, the man observes that living without any burdens has shaped his daughter into a narcissistic, cocksure, and selfish girl. Feeling regretful, the man sneaks his way to the world […]

Phone a Friend

  In some unknown time, in some unknown world, people travel around through telephones. So if one wishes to get to their friend’s house, they enter their friend’s phone number and press the ‘travel’ button, they are then immediately warped into their phone and out their friend’s phone.  It is dangerous to travel to invalid […]